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The magic of movement. The magic of mindfulness. The magic of metrics.

In-studio, online and outdoors. Whenever and wherever suits.


From mindfulness, to movement, to deeper meaning. We offer an unrivalled choice for a personalised practice.


A vibrant, motivating community with the support, gentle nudges and good vibes we all need.


Inclusive, expansive and with something for everyone. We’re always playful, and never prescriptive.


An all-in-one, intuitive platform that empowers employees with pre-funded Wellcoin. Access granted, ready for action.

Everyone is different, and so are we.
Everyone finds their perfect fit.
Employees find wellness activities that match their unique wants and needs. Companies attract and retain employees that share their values. Partners attract an engaged customer base.
Everything and always.
With unrivalled access to online and in-person classes, app subscriptions and memberships, teams can choose to explore, experiment and optimise. We measure activity and wellbeing indicators through time, because wellbeing is a lifelong journey not a destination.
Wellcoin, loaded and ready for use.
Wellcoin is fully funded by employers making wellness for employees accessible and instantly rewarding. Employees can book and pay with their wallet, and choose to donate & reward each other with Wellcoin
Data to drive culture.
Data’s never been more impactful. Wellbase analyses engagement data to tailor your team’s experiences, help individuals track their wellbeing, and provide data and insights to companies to inform and optimise cultural change.
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    star Frequently Asked

    A company subscription to Wellbase unlocks the platform to your employees with unrivalled access to wellness services, and allocates them with Wellcoin to spend. We pre-negotiate rates with our providers, so all the hard work is done for you. Once in the platform, each employee can then curate their wellbeing journey across any of our providers and you get to understand your team better to optimise your ROI.

    The only way to access Wellbase is through an employer subscription. Once your company has subscribed, you will be allocated a login and a Wellcoin wallet to access any of the services in the platform relevant to your desires, needs and challenges.

    Wellbase offers a variety of benefits for wellness businesses looking to scale their impact and revenue:
    1. It allows you to tap into a purchase ready customer base.
    2. It expands your sales funnel by promoting your existing service inventory to corporate customers, whatever it looks like. You can join as you are, with no need to change your model to a session based offering.
    3. It reduced your costs thanks to a pre-qualified pool of wellness customers versus a fragmented advertising spend.