We believe the most effective first step in making wellness more accessible at scale, is through workplaces. So, we’re starting there.
Wellbeing is the foundation of a clear and focused mind, resilient mental health and high performance at work. It’s also the basis of a joyful, rewarding and meaningful life.
Join us. Together, we can revolutionise wellbeing at work.
People make places
Julie Bouissin
Creative leader and problem-solving marketer with over 10 years working in both AU & EU
Andres Bernal
Multi-disciplinary finance leader both in AU, EU and with experience in capital raising
Miguel Blanca
Tech director
Experienced marketing technology consultant and product manager focused on process optimisation and innovation
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    Wellbase pre-negotiates corporate rate from providers so no negatiation is required by companies. It saves you time, money and energy. With an annual Wellbase package subscription, companies provide their employees with Wellcoin as a benefit at best corporate market discount versus the market rate. Each employee can then choose among a wide range of service providers to design their wellbeing journey for themselves.