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A company subscription to Wellbase unlocks the platform to your employees and allocates them with Wellcoin to spend. We pre-negotiate corporate rates with our providers, so all the hard work is done for you. Once in the platform, each employee can then curate their wellbeing journey across any of our providers, accessing both online and in person services.

Wellcoin is our on-platform currency, and allows access to wellness services at corporate rates from our providers.

We offer 3 tiered packages, allowing for varying levels of on-platform spend for employees. Wellbase is designed to work for organisations of all shapes and sizes, so get in touch to explore our package options.

All Wellbase packages include a Wellcoin allocation for employee’s as determined by tier, dedicated employee engagement marketing, access to an analytics dashboard to track usage and impact.

You can use any unutilised Wellcoin to book group wellness activities or events through Wellbase. This ensures no available Wellcoin in your original contract is wasted.

Employee’s can top up their own Wellcoin if they wish, by connecting their credit card to their account and taking advantage of our pre-negotiated corporate rates with our providers
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