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How can Wellbase help grow my business? Wellbase offers a variety of benefits for wellness businesses looking to scale their impact and revenue: 1. It allows you to tap into a purchase ready customer base, with funds pre-allocated by their employer to spend. 2. It expands your sales funnel by promoting your existing service inventory to corporate customers, whatever it looks like. You can join as you are, with no need to change your model to a session based offering. 3. It reduced your acquisition costs with a pre-qualified pool of wellness customers versus a fragmented advertising spend.

Wellbase uses machine learning to match your services with employee needs based on the on-boarding needs assessment they’ll complete when logging in. We create a detailed and targeted listing for your business to increase your exposure, and surface it to the users most likely to respond.

No. Our model works on a small transaction fee per booking. There are no barriers to joining. Our goal is to grow with your business.

We can help you with that. We are ready to integrate with top booking systems including MindBody, Fresha, Glofox and more. Please reach out and we can arrange an integration with your current booking API.
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